The STEMIN company is part of the FECS Group, an Italian industrial holding that represents an integrated set of important activities in the sector of recovery and recycling of metal raw materials, the only one capable of manufacturing aluminum products featuring extremely high technical quality following the direct conversion of scrap materials, which are recovered and treated in order to enhance their value. The industrial Group, led by the entrepreneur Olivo Foglieni, has made sustainable culture and environmental sustainability its founding values, so much so that they have become cornerstones for the entire holding. In fact, thanks to the different companies that make up the Group, it encloses within itself a production cycle that few companies in the world possess, from scraps to raw materials, from commodities to design products.


Pursues the activity of recovery, processing and trading of metal scraps.

Radiatori 2000
Manufactures traditional die-cast radiators. An excellent product at competitive costs.

Offers radiator models with a cutting-edge design, featuring essential lines, esthetical harmony,
energy efficiency and skilled craftsmanship ensure the product excellence,
not to mention the strict quality and functional tests carried out during the different production stages.

Is the commercial answer to the growing requests from the home and international markets
of quality design heaters, with functional and refined yet affordable design.

IMT Italia
Specialized in the field of semi-processed products in aluminum.

Services Lazio
A production site in Southern Italy specialized in the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps, from post-consumer collection.

AS Metal
Located in Bucharest, Romania , it works in the field of recovery and treatment of metal scraps and production of semi-processed items and die-cast elements.