Aluminum – identified by the symbol AL – is a common element that makes up 8% of the Earth’s surface and can be found in the environment as a mineral, called bauxite. It’s an important element in the age of technological development as its possibilities of use in industry, building, aerospace engineering, electronics and packaging are endless. Aluminum is notably the most recent metal exploited for industrial use as it has been produced on a large industrial scale for the first time just over 100 years ago. Like other metals (lead, tin and iron) aluminum only can be found in nature as a compound. Its name comes from Alum, an aluminum sulphate known and used since ancient times to prepare paints and drugs. The discovery of aluminum dates back to 1807 when the British chemist Sir Humphrey Davy (1778 –1829) speculated alum was the salt of a yet unknown metal which he called “alumium”, later modified to “aluminium”. Davy’s attempt to get aluminum from an electrolysis process with an aluminum oxide and potassium solution was not as successful as expected. Nowadays many goods and objects of extraordinary beauty and everyday use, such as bicycles, cars, aircrafts and trains, doors, windows and roofs, watches, design and furniture items and, of course, packaging, are made in aluminum.

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Every ton of recycled aluminum allows


energy saving.

Recycled aluminum is ready to face a new life cycle, as it can be reconverted into raw material infinite times.

To make a new can starting from recycled material, you will only need 5% of the energy required starting from bauxite, the mineral from which aluminum is obtained. Beside saving 95% energy, the environment is more protected and mining of new bauxite is not necessary.

Recycling is good for environment

640 CANS
to make a wheel rim for car

150 CANS
for a fully equipped city bike

360 CANS
for a racing bike

for a pair of glasses

for a coffeemaker

Second life…3,4,5… Infinite

Here are some examples of what aluminum can become after the recycling process. More can be used to produce packages, household appliances, bikes, glasses, rims, fixtures etc. Aluminum can be used endlessly without losing its original characteristics.

Italian style coffeemakers
(7.000.000 items) are all in recycled aluminum.

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