In this new technological scenario, aimed to minimize the environmental risks through the recovery and recycling of huge natural resources, a new vision took up: open production systems that, far from the chaos resulting from unsustainable industrial economies, generate a new economic growth developing in total respect of our planet’s environment.
In this scenery, STEMIN’s mission anchors on three standpoints: Know-how & Technology, Logistics and Environmental consciousness.
Such values permit STEMIN, amongst the leading companies in Europe, to match economic growth and environment protection thanks to a new business concept and remarkable investments in technology.


The production site is located in the province of Bergamo, in Comun Nuovo, a strategic position as it’s placed at the crossroads of the most important infrastructural networks in Northern Italy. The company is close to the main highway and railway junctions, which make connections faster and easier.


STEMIN is one of the few European companies boasting in the same site all the crushing and shredding machines, the sorting of material with linear motor (Foucault current) and the flotation by basis weight. All the metals recycled by STEMIN replace the mineral or the raw material. All ferrous and non ferrous materials, either primary or secondary, before being marketed are quality controlled in order to certify their composition.

The processes carried out by the company are developed on an industrial environment that doesn’t produce any harmful emissions in the atmosphere. No polluting waters are employed; all the processes during the recycling phase are either physical or mechanical, thus excluding chemical or melting operations. Technology would not be so efficient and productive if not assisted by skilled and competent staff. For this reason Stemin employs an effective commercial staff capable to manage all the activities from the purchase of materials to be recycled up to the sale of metals to the industry.

Matching economic growth and environment protection

Environment protection has always been one of our core values, ever since our establishment. The commitment to achieve the leadership in sustainable organizational change is deeply rooted in our principles.
Through all these years our company set its value system and principles that are fundamental to its sustainability ethics: a correct balance between economic goals, environment protection and social responsibility. STEMIN, whose work bases on environmental sustainability and power saving, considers environment protection an essential factor and commits to integrate such goal in all its activities, in every projects and for the entire life cycle of its industrial plants.